As I published my gameplay daily on my YouTube channel (it's regularly scheduled at 01 PM (UTC+7) you guysssss~ 💃🏻🙌🏻🕺🏻), and livestreamed my gameplay through Twitch, so I guess it's better to make a database in Google Sheets to make everything more organised and easier for someone who want to know when this gameplay will be published in the future, or what game I have tried already or no. Who knows what future will hold, right? And in case I get even busier than these days (this page made on Tuesday, 12 April 2022), this database probably gonna be helpful and easier to update in such a time.

All Games Played Until Now

Here, you can see all the games that I have played until now. The list is sorted numerically, from the oldest one, till the latest one which is placed automatically at the most bottom of this sheet. This sheet also includes all needed details (in my opinion), regarding the game, such as game link (in case you wanna try it too), prices, current status, play date, publication date, and review link (if available, already). As the width of this page is already formatted like this, in case it's too narrow to see, you could also see the sheet in full-screen through this link.

Update 26 April 2022. Now an interactive table is available below to see, and search any game title that I have played. I made this interactive table from a tutorial by bpwebs.

Update 28 November 2022. As I am struggling with my real-life (no fixed income, yet) and my master study (super struggling), this Game Database is not updated yet, since 08 July 2022. Last entry was on 08 July, but I haven't entried the score, yet. However, I'm still checking out various games live-streamed via Twitch, and almost every gameplay published gradually to my YouTube channel. I'll update the database later... Thank you for checking in... Hope this stormy months will pass... Soon... Feel free to reach me through Reach Me page for further information :))


In this sheet, you could see the timeline of all games that I've tried, in Gantt Chart format. You could see the yellow cell means date when I played a certain game, and green one means the scheduled date or when the gameplay will be/published already. You could see this timeline in full screen too through this link.

In case you have any question, or inquiry regarding any games, you can contact me through Reach Me. Again, thank you for reading this page. :)